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May I Borrow a Pencil?

August is here and school starts soon – in some fashion - but students have many questions.

Is school going to open full time? Will I need to take classes on-line? Do I have to wear a mask? For students from low-income families - Will my parents be able to purchase the supplies I need?

Greater Boise Rotary Foundation has helped with that last question by giving a grant of $2000 to the Salvation Army for school supplies and backpacks for students from kindergarten to seniors in high school. The goal of the Salvation Army is to provide 900 students with backpacks and supplies. The $2000 from GBRF will allow 250 students to get the supplies needed before school starts, alleviating the stress of going to school without supplies.

The 2021 school year will be important as schools move back to “normal” operations. Many students will have been learning remotely for a year or more. Not knowing where they will get their supplies only exacerbates this anxiety. According to Psychology Today, preparedness with school supplies is one way to reduce back-to-school stress.

The Salvation Army provides each child with a bag or backpack filled with a good foundation of the supplies he or she needs. This program is unique in this community for two reasons. First, we are the only program that provides Kindergarten supplies through High School students. Older kids are in equal or in more need as secondary school classes are often more costly than at the elementary level. Each year, we are surprised at the number of high school students who ride their bikes or the bus to our office to get school supplies on their own. We are also a unique program because we give the supplies directly to the student to bring with them to the first day of school.

Contributions enabled GBRF to make this grant, along with others totaling $43,000 in 20/21. Thank you for your generosity.

If you haven’t donated in the past, consider doing so now. Give a one-time donation or sign up for a monthly donation. Currently only 2% of GBRF funds are dedicated for overhead and expenses.

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