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The Allocation committee consists of one member from each club. 

   This committee reviews each grant application and after group discussions, recommends to the Board of Directors the grant recipients for the year.  

The Board of Directors consists of at least two members from each Rotary Club in Ada County.

Rotary Club of Boise (Downtown)

     Kevin Learned

     Jenny Hemly

Rotary Club of Boise Metro

     Bret Vaterlaus

     Scott Swan 

Rotary Club of Boise Southwest

     Conrad Colby

     Bob Rose

Rotary Club of Boise Sunrise

     Dave Wagers

     Greg Kittridge

Rotary Club of Meridian

Rotary Club of Eagle-Garden City

Rotary Club of Boise Centennial

     Doug Ooley

     Brandon Snodgrass

Boise East Rotary

     Marianne Barker

     Cody Walgamott

     Bryan Connington

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