Small Grant Applications are due in March.  The 2019/2020 Application will be posted on this Website in January.  

GBRF offers two types of Grants

     The Large Grant ($10,000—$25,000) Process begins in September with Letters of Intent accepted.  Using information within the Letter of Intent, organizations are selected and invited to apply for a large grant. 

     Small Grants  ($500—$3,500)  are due in March of each year.

Grant Guidlines

GBRF is a foundation, founded in 1984, supported by Rotarians from Ada County Clubs investing their time, money and expertise doing good for Ada County.  

  •   GBRF grants approximately $40,000 to non-profit organizations in Ada County every year.

  •   GBRF is FOCUSED on Education & Youth, Arts & Culture, Health, Caring & Social Services, Recreation & Outdoors.

  •   GBRF BELIEVES that by giving to existing organizations, more people can be served.

  •   GBRF KNOWS that by working together, Rotarians can make a substantial contribution to the community.

  •    GBRF is funded by Rotarians, families and friends of Rotary members in Ada County. 

            Each Ada County Rotary Club has representation on the Board of Directors, ensuring strict financial oversight.  The purpose of the foundation is to give grants to the community, so overhead is kept to a minimum.  Much of the work of the foundation is done by volunteers who are dedicated to the continued success of GBRF. 

GBRF was created in 1984

GBRF MIssion:  To create, promote, maintain, and conduct a benevolent foundation for the advancement of educational, charitable, and scientific pruposes that fill human needs.

The Funding Principals of GBRF are to:

    Pool gifts from Boise Area Rotary Clubs

     Support More Local Community Projects

     Build a Perpetual Source of Funding

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GBRF hours are Monday through Thursday 10:00 - 2:00

636 S Curtis Road

Boise, Idaho  83705

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2020 Small Grant Application

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